TokoWhatsapp v1.3 Premium Blogger Template

TokoWhatsapp is a Responsive Blogger Template. A Blogger-based Online / E-commerce Store integrated with WhatsApp Contact Form (Instant Checkout). This template is specially designed to make it easy for sellers & buyers to place orders through WhatsApp.

Features Availability
Responsive True Cek
Mobile Friendly True Cek
Google Testing Tool Validator (Index) True Cek
Google Testing Tool Validator (Item) True Cek
Lazy Load / Fast LoadingTrue
Live EditTrue
Product Category + NumberTrue
Static Notification ButtonTrue
Dynamic MenuTrue
Social Media OptimizationTrue
Product SortingTrue
Product NavigationTrue
Gallery & Product DescriptionTrue
Direct MarketplaceTrue
Share ProductTrue
Price DiscountTrue
Soldout SettingsTrue
3 Benefits of ShoppingTrue
Logo & Description + Social MediaTrue
Footer ButtonTrue
Store Address, Payment / Delivery Information & Contact Keys (Telephone, WhatsApp, E-mail) Footer
Copyright, Menu lines & Credit
And Much More...True

We share content only for testing purpose, not for commercial use. If you have money then we strongly recommend to buy it from original authors because they put really hard work in making it. Use at your OWN RISK.

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TokoWhatsapp v1.3 Premium Blogger Template
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