Kezel Pro Responsive Blogger Template

Kezel is a simple one-column display with SEO Friendly and Responsive features. This template was developed giving more focused with minimal features so that later blogs can be accessed quickly without having to wait long. You should give it a try.

Features Availability
Responsive DesignTrue
PageSpeed InsightsTrue
Mobile FriendlyTrue
SEO FriendlyTrue
Dynamic HeadingTrue
High CTRTrue
Personal BlogTrue
Blogger and Disqus CommentTrue
1 ColumnTrue
Auto Read More with ThumbnailTrue
Breadcrumbs Schema.orgTrue
Related PostsTrue
Featured PostsTrue
Social Share ButtonTrue
Responsive MenuTrue
Search BoxTrue
Social Links WidgetTrue
Back to TopTrue
Subscribe Box WidgetTrue
Sitemap WidgetTrue
Well DocumentationTrue

We share content only for testing purpose, not for commercial use. If you have money then we strongly recommend to buy it from original authors because they put really hard work in making it. Use at your OWN RISK.

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Kezel Pro Responsive Blogger Template
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